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  • Hefei MINGDE Photoelectric Technology Ltd is a professional smart-color-sorter equipment research, development and production enterprise, which is located in China, Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone of Hefei city; owns a 40 acres industrial park including 2000㎡ R&D center and standard factory; has the capacity to produce more than thousand machines and to generate more than 100 million output value per year.
    The R&D team of MINGDE consisted of innovative experts and talent in photoelectric technology field, most of whom are graduates from Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China etc. The goal of MINGDE is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by developing smart, practical, user friendly and high quality products. So far, MINGDE has launched a series of smart color sort machine, whose intellectual property rights are owned by MINGDE completely. This series of product can accurately sort food material such as rice, cereal, tea etc. and industrial material including plastic, mineral and so on, which are successfully exported to America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. All series of the products are well respected within photoelectric color sorting field and praised by customers.
    Add:39# Jinrong Road Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone,?Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
    Tel:0086-551-62578331 / 62578332 Email: sales@hefeimd.com
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